EcoClear nominated for prize at CN Awards 2017

Published 10/7, 2017 at 12:23

The EcoClear water treatment system from the Swedish hydrodemolition specialist Aquajet Systems has been nominated for a construction industry award in the category ‘Commercial Innovation of the Year’ at the annual CN Awards 2017 in the UK.

The EcoClear water treatment system is dedicated to filtering hydrodemolition water, through one compact unit. It enables the operator to safely discharge water back into the environment without the need of an extra water reservoir and without the use of filters of any kind, and without pollution. The system is powered by Siltbuster, a UK solutions provider for on site water treatment, wet waste processing and the prevention of waterborne pollution. 

“It’s an honour just to be nominated. Whoever wins the award, the environment is the true winner. With EcoClear, Aquajet Systems and Siltbuster have shown the world that treatment of hydrodemolition water can be effortless, efficient and environmentally friendly. There’s no system like it in the world. We’ll keep our fingers crossed to win in July,” said Aquajet Systems chief executive Roger Simonsson.

EcoClear is designed to work with Aquajet’s hydrodemolition robots, and it’s capable of handling a flow rate up 20m3/h. With EcoClear, the operator can neutralize elevated alkaline pH levels down to pH 6-9, while having full control of the turbidity level down to 20-25mg particles/litre. EcoClear uses flocculation technology to remove the maximum amount of sludge from the water. The whole process is easily monitored online and with the RECO control system is a useful tool for the operator. The control system also ensures that all discharged water has the correct levels. In addition, all data are logged, and can easily be exported to external storage units. Everything is displayed in real time in an intuitive graphic interface.

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