EcoClear reduces turbidity

Published 28/12, 2016 at 16:20

Swedish Hydrodemolition contracting specialist, Nordisk Vattenbilning, is using Aquajet’s water treatment system, EcoClear, to reduced turbidity levels on a multi-storey car park renovation project in Malmö Sweden.

The car park, being on top of the Hansa City Mall, ruled out the use of jackhammers and other noisy mechanical demolition equipment. The job had to be done by hydrodemolition with the water safely discharged back to the city’s run-off water system at a preferred turbidity level of 20mg particles/litre.

The concrete in the car park is suffering from expanding rebars, due to constant salt penetration. NVB has to remove over 900m3 of concrete to a depth and 150mm on its project, which started in January 2016 and scheduled for completion in November. With EcoClear, NVB has achieved a steady level of 15mg particles/litre, and could automatically neutralize the water to pH 7.

“Without a modern water treatment system such as EcoClear, we wouldn’t be in the Hansa City Mall in the first place. We’re very pleased with the system and everything is going according to plan,” said NVB chief executive Jonas Bernin. “The system enables us to compete on an entirely new level. EcoClear is a game changer.”

EcoClear has been designed to work with Aquajet’s range of robots, and is capable of handling a flow rate up to 20m3/h. In addition to the EcoClear system, NVB is using an Aquajet Aqua Cutter 710V and Power Pack 700 for the Malmö project.

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