Ecomondo and Key Energy trade shows to tackle North African environmental issues

Published 10/10, 2018 at 15:46

The circular economy and the development of renewable energies are but two challenges to be faced concerning environmental issues in North Africa.

Both will be featured at Ecomondo and Key Energy, two trade shows organised by the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) at Rimini Expo Centre (Italy) from 6 to 9 November 2018. At the 22nd Ecomondo, the core focus will be on the circular economy, whilst the 12th Key Energy aims to confirm its role as a leading forum for renewable energies and energy efficiency.

The two events, held simultaneously, will occupy 129,000m2 of exhibition space, and play host to over 1,300 exhibitors, with 116,000 visitors, including over 90,000 qualified buyers, attending last year's events. As well as the exhibitions, there will also be more than 200 associated events, supported by scientific committees, chaired by Professor Fabio Fava (Ecomondo) and Engineer Gianni Silvestrini (Key Energy); two of the leading experts in their respective disciplines.

In advance of the showcase, Professor Fabio Fava has presented an overview of the priorities facing the North African area, and the requirements (available at the link for the region to be discussed at Ecomondo 2018. These include the effects of environmental changes in the Mediterranean area on local fishing, with aquaculture and aquatic biodiversity being the main subjects of a ‘Marine bio resources’ conference.  Essentially, the Mediterranean area requires more sustainable exploitation of fish stock and aquaculture systems. A conference titled, ‘Sustainable fishery and aquaculture: new strategies and technologies’, will focus on new technologies to improve sustainability. Both the above are scheduled to be held on 8 November. 

In addition to the above, the main problems associated with plastics in the Mediterranean, the possible alternatives and current EU policies, will also be discussed. A group of acknowledged experts, policy makers and key representatives embracing relevant industrial sectors, public bodies, the EU commission and Parliament, will come together for a conference titled, ‘Single use plastics and marine litter in Mediterranean sea: problems and solutions’. This is scheduled for 9 November 2018.

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