Environmentally friendly subsea cutting from recognised specialists

Published 22/2, 2018 at 16:39

The seabed of the world’s oceans are littered with human made infrastructure: oil and gas pipelines, anchor chains and a lot more.

However, nothing lasts forever, so when something is no longer in operation, it needs to be removed. The location and composition of the material makes simple ‘garbage removal’ impossible, so the need for specialist professional services, with specially developed machines and tools, has never been greater. 

Worldwide, there are few companies that are able to offer the right combination of technology and the expertise to undertake highly demanding underwater cutting jobs. One of these expert companies is Norway based 1Diamond AS, owned by American company Quanta Services. Together with the Austrian wire saw manufacturer Tyrolit, they have set new standards for submarine wire cutting technology. Both companies are considered to be specialists in their respective fields, and work together closely in order to develop highly efficient, environmentally friendly cutting tools that are able to meet growing requirements.


Specialist expertise

1Diamond itself manufactures cutting machines with cutting capacities from 150 to 1550mm (6 to 62 inches) operational at a maximum depth of 3,000m (10,000 ft.). On request, the company is also able to design and build larger machines for special applications.  

Tyrolit is now considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of bonded grinding, cut-off, sawing, drilling and dressing tools. It is also a supplier of tool and machine systems for the construction industry, delivering diamond wires for demanding and complex underwater applications.  The company provides a broad range of electroplated saw wires and endless wire loops for steel that excel at fast cutting performance, providing very long lifetime with  noticeable smooth running. Continuous product development from the company ensures constant improvement in diamond wire technology.


Shallow and deep

Due a tangible record of success, a great deal of interest has been generated in the 1Diamond machines in the construction industry. This is due to many areas in the world facing challenges such as removing pillars or pipes from harbour basins or quaysides, and an increasing requirement for decommissioning nuclear plants. However, 1Diamond and Tyrolit are not just deep sea specialists as recent developments have shown with shallow water versions of the existing machinery having now been developed for operating depths of 15 to 20m.

The shallower depth means that the equipment is actually easier to operate from the shore, with 1Diamond and Tyrolit now manufacturing machinery for these shallow water applications. Tyrolit’s drive system has been proven to be especially useful, with the principle of modularity enabling customers who already own the main components able to combine it with additional equipment, thus further aiding highly efficient working and cost efficiency.



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