Epiroc hydraulic breaker produces high quality slate

Published 16/4, 2018 at 16:45

An Epiroc SB202 hydraulic breaker has already proven itself many times over by providing excellent service for Mayen (Eifel, Germany), company Rathscheck Schiefer.

Now it has been used underground slate mining, further impressing with its reliability, robust design and low maintenance requirements.

Since its foundation in 1793, Rathscheck Schiefer has been a leading producer of premium quality slate. In Epiroc, the company believes it has found a partner with an equally established and leading position. Through its ranges of state of the art technology, Epiroc has developed and produces innovative attachments for excavators which are used in rock mining, demolition and recycling.  

Moselschiefer® (Mosella slate) which is mined at the Katzenberg mine in the Mayen region is the premium product of Rathscheck Schiefer. The current main shaft was commissioned in 1959, and reaches a depth of 220m on the 7th level of the mine. The latest level – 11 - opened in 2016, and reaches depths of 400m, with production of the local Mosella slate having been comprehensively modernised over the past 15 years. 

The modern, specially developed hydraulic breaker SB 202 from Epiroc provides efficient mining. At the Katzenberg mine, six SB 202 hydraulic breakers have been in daily use since 2013, each one operating for between three and four hours per shift. Four of the breakers are mounted on a Bobcat E50, Komatsu PC45 and Schaeff HR18 excavators, whilst the remaining two are on hand as reserves. The hydraulic breakers loosen the workable slate, which was previously cut with a diamond saw in a grid corresponding to the geological properties, and break it out of the mine wall.  

The underground work at the mine is undertaken in damp, restricted conditions, with the strengths of the SB 202 coming into its own. Its unique solid body construction is particularly suited to these conditions, and when compared with other breakers previously used by Rathscheck Schiefer, the Epiroc SB 202s’ have proven to be robust and reliable, with a service friendly design. 

The simplicity of changing the working tool and the good visibility of the working area in particular ensure precise and user friendly handling. While some of the previous models required maintenance or repair every week, the SB 202 has impressed with consistent, fault free performance. 

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