Epiroc paves the way for the Essen 51 urban district

Published 16/4, 2018 at 15:47

The next 20 years will see the flagship Essen 51 quarter arise from where the former Krupp steelworks once stood.

This is a development led by the Thelen Group, supported by a range of reliable and powerful Epiroc equipment. 


Major construction site 

The development of the 52ha site located in the northern part of the former Krupp-Gürtel site has seen nine Epiroc pieces of equipment being used excavating rock and crushing rubble: HB 3100, HB 3600 and HB 5800 hydraulic breakers. The extremely reliable and versatile CC 3300, CC 5000 and CC 7000 CombiCutters have also proved productive in demolition applications at the site, with the MG 2700 (2x) and MG 5000 MultiGrapples having made a precise and constant contribution in demolishing, loading and sorting. 


A great deal to do

Before the former Krupp factory can become an innovative urban district, extensive construction work will be required. Since work started on 6 March 2018, the focus of the work has been the reverse construction of the old industrial infrastructure, the site preparation and the elevation modelling of the land. To do this, several 100m³ of soil material has to be moved. 

The preparatory earthworks had to be performed with maximum precision in order to create the land profile for the planned streets, spaces and water bodies. The soil will be dug down to a depth of 5m, war debris removed and then the soil replaced. It is here that the Epiroc equipment will make their biggest contribution.   Mounted on Caterpillar excavators (carriers of 24-75t), they will undertake the demolition of the massive foundations and 1m thick base plates made of reinforced concrete, on which the former industrial buildings stood. In addition they will be used on the reverse construction of underground bunkers, walls and remaining buildings, cutting beams, then separating and loading rubble for recycling. 


Urban flagship project

Essen 51 will see the Thelen Group investing around €1billion to create the new urban district. This, when complete, will comprise of up to 1,800 houses, offices and commercial buildings, with childcare facilities, schools, shops and restaurants. As well as business and housing provision, the focus of the development will be on comfort and proximity to nature, which is emphasised by the numerous water features and greenery. 

This sustainable natural approach will also include an appropriate drainage concept. Thelen is building a 1km long combination sewer and creating an open body of water. The latter, along with five artificial ponds, will collect rainwater from the surrounding buildings and drain it down via a stream into the Borbecker Mühlenbach River.


Structural change - modern meets tradition

The development will see the historically important former Krupp site transformed into a sustainable development fit to embrace the future. The objective is to provide sustainable high grade living and working space built using modern construction technology. There are also plans for a renewable autonomous energy supply comprising of solar and wind power plants, heating and cooling using waste water, and the utilisation of mine water. Furthermore, there are also plans for an eco-friendly transportation system with a shuttle directly connecting to the public transportation network, and the two cycling superhighways. 

In its ambitious construction project, the Thelen Group is relying on experienced partners. Epiroc is playing its part supplying a variety of equipment, with its reputation for quality convincing  Christoph Thelen, managing director of the Thelen Group, to not only invest in Epiroc, but also plan future projects using  the Epiroc equipment range.

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