ERKAT EXCAVATOR CUTTING units at tram line building site

Published 23/11, 2018 at 15:53

The start of building work for the S21 tram line is slightly delayed, but now an excavator cutting unit from Erkat is being used to meet the special building and structural challenges posed by the building site.

Erkat has been developing excavator cutting units for over 15 years, and is established worldwide in various application areas, with the extensive product range being able to deal with a multitude of tasks. This led directly to the construction company, BTB Group (founded in 1990), choosing the reliable and individually deployable cutter units for work on the S21 tram line in Berlin.

At the Berlin central station, the ER 1500 L and ER 2000 X cutter units are now in use. eir primary task is to cut through the old concrete making way for the further construction work. The cutter units create small pocket shaped structures in difficult to access ground, cutting ridges into the ground, and removing part of the material in the process. This creates space for a hydraulic hammer, and is the only way for the hammer to find the right point for breaking the concrete, making the process an ideal division of the work. The two Erkat cutter units were used at the construction site until the end of July.

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