European Demolition Industry Report published

Published 2/3, 2017 at 16:15

Data published in the European Demolition Industry Report 2016 indicated 45% of contractors expected an increase of about 5% and 15% in 2016, with 16% expecting more than 15%.

Conversely 32% of the companies had stable business prospects while 4% expected a slight reduction between 5% and 15% and 3% a significant reduction of more than 15%. These prospects in the European Demolition Industry Report 2017 will be real data. The European Demolition Association is already preparing this through its statistics group and will be published in June at the trade fair DDR Expo 2017. In order to gather the information from contractors, EDA has designed an on-line survey that has been translated into several languages to avoid mistakes and misinterpretations. The survey includes general questions about the companies, the evolution in 2016 and the forecast for2017. For more information:

All responses to the questions and identification data of the companies are anonymous, and an overall analysis of the data will be made. The request will be addressed to demolition contractors with only one questionnaire per company. The gathering of information will last until 31 March.

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