Some of the key speakers at the first demolition convention in Belgrade.

First annual convention by Serbian Demolition Association

Published 18/12, 2017 at 14:32

The newly formed Serbian Demolition Association (SDA) held its first annual convention in the Sol-emn Hall at the University of Belgrade on 24 November.

At the meeting there were 140 participants from a wide range of interest groups in the Serbian and international construction, demolition and recycling industries. These included demolition contractors, representatives from Ministries and the academic and research world. There were also delegates from neighbouring countries of Montenegro, Federation of Bosnia and Herze-govina, Republika Srpska, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Italy.

”In this region, we were actually before 1990 very developed when it came to civil construction and also demolition,” said SDA president Dejan Bojo. “The first demolition contractor started in 1945 and there were firm regulations how to separate stones, bricks and wood. But due to the unstable political situation all infrastructure and legislation fell apart after 1990 and we came to a standstill compared to the rest of Europe. However, with this association in place, we want to get back on track and in less than ten years and come up to EU standards with the help and support of the European Demolition Association and other national European demolition associations.”

SDA has been actively involved in EDA in recent last years, and some of its founders have participated in the EDA annual convention in 2015 and 2016.

At the meeting in Belgrade Serbian Igor Kecskés, living in Sweden for many years and working with the Swedish demolition association, provided recommendations and advise for his audience. 

There was a welcome speech by the EDA president, Jose Blanco. He indicated that there was a very good sign that there is wide interest in the Serbian association. He added that this was due to demolition not being just about asbestos, but a very intricate matter where society must engage from the beginning to design and construct with the end of life already in sight.

Dejan Bojovic said that with the support of EDA and national and international collaboration, the Serbian demolition industry will hopefully in five-ten years be up to date with European Union standards and legislation.

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