Flexible concrete drilling and cutting

Published 22/2, 2018 at 15:26

Since late autumn of 2016, a new production facility is undergoing constructed at the Sulgen site of Swiss food manufacturer Hochdorf Nutrition AG.

The project's extremely ambitious schedule covers an extensive range of work, including locating the construction site in the midst of the existing infrastructure. This has required high degrees of flexibility and professionalism from the contractors, Stutz AG.

In addition to the major construction work, eastern Switzerland's leading construction firm, was also contracted to cut the concrete for 20 doors between the old and new buildings, and to drill 25 large holes in ceilings up to 600mm thick. To do this, Stutz put its trust in the quality and reliability of Tyrolit.


From 25 planned large holes to over 1,200 holes 

During the assembly of the Sulgen facility, a large number of holes and a substantial amount of concrete cutting were added to the initially planned tasks. Marcel Mussoi, head of Stutz’s building protection, concrete drilling and sawing division, noted the increased requirements; "So far we have drilled over 1,200 holes (diameters from 60mm to 300 mm) and over 20 doors without the slightest damage to the new, high quality production equipment."

However, the vast amount of concrete drilling and cutting required is just one of the challenges of the project. In addition to the work on the new building, drilling and sawing was also necessary in the existing premises. "Our workers actually attended a hygiene course at the Hochdorf Company, and also wore the necessary clothing, of course. Apart from these special conditions, the deadlines for the individual work operations were very tight, so we had to organise ourselves on site quickly and flexibly," emphasises Mussoi. 


A strong partner

Marcel Mussoi ascribes the fast and uncomplicated progress of the work to his company’s flexible employees, and to the support received from Tyrolit, which has supplied concrete drilling and sawing equipment. In fact, Stutz has relied on Tyrolit’s systems, products and special solutions since 2000. "It’s (Tyrolit) products offer impressively simple handling and reliability. The range of machines and tools from one source enables us to get on with orders very quickly. This is Tyrolit’s trump card, and I rate it very highly," asserts Marcel Mussoi. 

Mussoi has also been impressed with the service and the range of solutions for special applications, for example with the drilling of large holes. Here Stutz made use of the hydraulic dual drill rig; a special design developed by Tyrolit for facilitating the drilling of large holes which has enabled the work to be completed as efficiently and quickly as possible. 


An industry with a future

The importance to Stutz AG of this extensive project is obvious from the fact that president of the supervisory board, Alfred Müller, paid a visit to the construction site. He wanted to gain a first-hand impression, and commented on how the industry is developing: "We will actively pursue the possibilities of mechanical and controlled concrete demolition, and continue to invest in this field in the future. Thanks to the technological potential for development here, we have reasons to believe in the growth of this sector."



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