Floor sawing: An industry without borders

Published 28/12, 2016 at 16:44

Floor sawing aka flat sawing in North America is the most widespread concrete processing technique in the world. And, unlike wall and wire sawing, where the market is pretty much saturated, the floor sawing industry still has plenty of room for new entrants and innovations. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

Compliance to the latest emission regulations is now a major concern for manufacturers of floor cutting equipment. The industry’s trendsetters are upgrading their ranges with the US Tier 4 final and EU Stage IIIB- compliant models.


Multicut - agile and powerful floor cutters from Lissmac

For Germany-based Lissmac, making floor sawing equipment is one of its core businesses. The latest Multicut 550 and 600 series floor saws are packed with innovative features. One is a new electro-hydraulic blade lifting device. It permits using larger diameter saw blades because the wheelbase is shorter compared to a conventional scissor design. Another highlight is a hydrostatic drive, which ensures even and controlled propulsion. A special feed lever for one-hand operation can be easily switched for right and left hand cuts. Equipped with a four-cylinder Hatz diesel engine, the new floor saws comply with all current emission regulations.

A depth-cutting device is optionally available for the bigger Multicut 600, enabling the use of blades with diameters of 500mm to 1.2m. With a 1.2m blade, a cutting depth of 515mm can be achieved. The steering wheel is central at the rear of the cutter, giving the operator a clear view of the blade at all times. With its hydraulic lift system and smooth axle steering, the heavy machine can be easily manoeuvred.

The Multicut 500 comes in two configurations. The basic MulticuT 500 G model has a switchable gearbox and the Multicut 500 GH has a hydraulic port for a dust collector. Depending on the type, various features and accessories are available. The Multicu 600, which comes with a switchable gearbox, features clockwise  and counter clockwise rotation and a neutral position. A quick V-Belt change allows for a second rotational speed. Blade guards of different sizes are available with or without dust collector hook-ups. Other accessories include water pump, slurry extraction system, spotlights, rotating lights and diesel particulate filter.



Husqvarna to launch a new flagship model for large-scale jobs

Husqvarna’s new FS 7000 DL floor saw, succeeding the FS 8400 D, has been designed to meet the latest emission regulations. Following extensive field tests, the FS 7000 DL has proved to be totally worthy of its predecessor. According to Erik Edvardsson, Husqvarna’s global floor saw product manager the FS 7000 DL is the company’s large, deep-cutting floor saw for the future. Built with a focus on operator comfort, it features a modern, service-friendly design, ergonomic controls and an intuitive digital display.

The machine comes equipped with a 2.9litre four-cylinder common rail Deutz turbo diesel engine that meets Tier 4 / Stage IIIB 2 regulations while delivering higher levels of torque. Weighing in at 1.1t to 1.35t, the FS 7000 DL accommodates 900mm to 1.5m blades and is designed for large-scale road building and renovation projects. The floor saw comes with a single or three-speed gearbox, with blade clutch, electronic tracking system on the rear axel, a fifth wheel, light, water pump and weight kits. The market launch was expected this autumn.



Wacker Neuson’s new floor saws

The new series of floor saws from Germany-based Wacker Neuson includes the four models BFS735, BFS940, BFS1345, and BFS1350 accommodating blades from 350mm to 500mm in diameter. The machines have hand-arm vibration values below 5m/s² specified by the EU regulations. All models are equipped with gasoline engines and the chassis is made from high-tensile steel. Thanks to the infinitely adjustable cutting depth from 120mm to 195 mm, the Wacker Neuson saws are capable of making clean cuts in a wide range of materials. A double-face water sprinkling system ensures a long service life of the blade. The handle grip can be adjusted to suit the operator’s height without any tools.



Diam Industries: floor sawing the French way 

The French supplier of concrete cutting and drilling solutions, Diam Industries, has added two new floor saws to its product range. Designed for road and floor maintenance applications, the SC350 and SC450 feature a power unit mounted on a silent block chassis, a removable housing for easy blade replacement, cutting depth indicator, water tank and a through shaft on rear wheels for cutting asphalt and various coatings. Powered by a 4/6.6kW Honda petrol engine, the smaller SC350 accommodates 350mm blades for a maximum cutting depth of 120mm. The bigger SC450 is available in three configurations either with a 9.5kW Honda petrol engine,  a 7.5kW Lombardini diesel engine or a 5.5kW electric motor.      



Wolverine Equipment introduces a two-way loop saw

In the UK Wolverine Equipment, which is part of the Dixie Diamond-Concut Group, specializes in making full-size loop saws, handsaws and power packs. This autumn the company, based in Kent, launched a loop saw capable of making straight and circular cuts. With the push of a button and pull of a lever, the saw quickly and easily transforms from circle to straight cutting. This feature allows the loop saw to make the straight cuts that connect the loops to each other, as well as the homerun cuts to the curb. The two-way version has a 45kW Kubota turbo-charged water-cooled diesel engine. The W-60LS-STR maintains a uniform depth of 76mm or 127mm over the entire 152mm diameter circular cut. It has a heavy-duty frame and a blade capacity of 355mm to 457mm. Other features include hydraulic raise and lower, a 355mm blade guard and a hydraulic actuated pivoting plant.



Egun style!

Egun is an up-and-coming manufacturer from South Korea with an innovative approach towards making concrete cutting and surface preparation machinery. The chassis of its latest floor saw C130-G is modelled on a Korean military tank system, with tailor-made wheels and a caterpillar track that allows operation on uneven surfaces. Powered by a 97kW diesel engine, the floor saw accommodates blades of to 1.75m in diameter for a maximum cutting depth of 750mm. Egun is a 21st century company that uses the Internet and every known social media to promote its solutions. Its slogan ‘Egun style’ was chosen to evoke the memories of Korea’s biggest international music hit Gangnam style.  


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