Floor saws are a concrete cutter’s best friend

Published 16/11, 2017 at 14:43

Floor sawing jobs are bread and butter for professional concrete cutters. Well aware of that fact, manufacturers work hard to meet their needs with ever more compact and lightweight yet powerful machines. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin reports on the latest products in the floor sawing sector.

Alba releases CJP500 Compact 

ALBA - the Spanish manufacturer of light construction equipment based in Bilbao - is currently fine-tuning a new floor sawing system called “CJP500 Compact”. Designed to carry diamond blades of up to 500mm in diameter, it boasts a host of new features that make its operation simple and smooth. The cutting depth is controlled by a wheel with a depth indicator screen, while a 30l plastic water tank, with a refrigeration system, routes cooling water to the saw head.

The floor saw is powered by a Honda 13CV motor and is equipped with a number of special features, including an emergency stop button and a stop position brake pedal. The machine’s compact design with a foldable handlebar allows transportation in any commercially van. The machine is now in prototype stage, with the launch projected for early 2018.



Cedima launches

 new model with bevel cutting option

Following discussions with users at BeBoSa, Germany-based Cedima has launched a new model featuring a bevel cutting device. Designed for dry applications, the CF-2020 T allows cutting wall and curb flush joints with up to 7° bevel-cut without using cooling water. Dust generated during operation is collected by a powerful dust extraction system. Boasting a maximum cutting depth of 110mm, the CF-2020 T permits cutting at 7° angle to the depth of 88mm. An electro-hydraulic system with a cutting depth indicator controls the lowering and lifting of the saw blade. The adjustable handles and a vibration- decoupled kick ensure comfortable operation.



Norton Clipper adds two models 

A company within the Saint Gobain Group, Norton Clipper, has added two electric models to its floor saw range. Featuring a heavy-duty frame and a handlebar equipped with vibration absorbers, the CS451 E and CS451 ET offer a vibration level 40% lower than the previous C99 model. The adjustable handle height for all cutting depths ensures an ergonomic working position, while the CS451 ET model can be fitted with a dust extraction hose plug to reduce the risk of dust inhalation. 

The continuous depth control with hand wheel and gauge allows for quick, easy and accurate setting. The maximum cut depth of the CS 451 E model is 170mm, whereas for the CS451 ET it is 125mm. There is the option of twin blade mounting and connecting a water hose to allow for wet cutting operations on the CS451 El. These models are now available in Europe.



A compact walk-behind from US Saws 

The compact and lightweight air-powered utility saw FSB-150 from North American cutting and surface preparation company US Saws, is designed for small-scale projects where contractors use a compressor to run jackhammers or other pneumatic tools. 

With a 175mm cutting depth, the walk-behind saw is reported to be a success with street crews doing pothole and spot repairs and interior demolition work. The FSB-150 saw is a perfect choice when contractors face tasks like moving water lines, drains and floor chases where petrol-powered tools are banned. Dust is controlled through a water feed, with a water tank kit available as an option.



extends electric-powered range 

The German company Kern Deudiam used the show BeBoSa to introduce two new electric models powered by a 7.5kW motor. Accommodating a diamond blade of up to 700mm in diameter, the smaller KDF700-7.5E provides a cutting depth of 280mm. Its bigger brother KDF800-7.5E has a cutting depth of 330mm when working with a 800mm blade. The new machines’ compact design of 620mm in width and weight of 135kg without a blade guard, and the option of using the diamond blade on either side of the cutters, contribute to the flexibility of operation.



Merit to debut a 

Tier 4 model at World of Concrete 

Merit Engineering and Equipment Company will debut the M600SS-56HP-D floor saw at the World of Concrete in January 2018. It is the company’s first Tier 4 model in a growing line of diesel floor saws. It is compliant with EPA and California Air Resources Board emission standards and boasts a sleek, compact design and fuel efficiency. 

"Unlike other Tier 4 engines that use DPF filters and consume more fuel, our model uses the DOC filter, which offers no fuel waste and provides low or no maintenance to the emissions components," said Merit chief engineer Juan Vielma. 

Merit Engineering and Equipment Company specialises in designing and manufacturing saws for professional concrete cutters. Each saw is handcrafted from high-quality materials that are machined and assembled in the USA. 




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