General Equipment Company offers long reach air tools

Published 22/4, 2016 at 11:15

In the US General Equipment Company has added the MDF series of long reach air tools for a wide variety of removal and surface preparation applications. They feature ergonomic throttle valves and protective enclosures to maximize operator comfort and reduce the risk of equipment damage.

Weighing 4.5kg, the MDF15 is ideal for above-waist and overhead projects. Popular applications include the removal of vinyl, ceramic tile and material buildup.

For heavier duty jobs, the MDF35 utilizes an internal valving mechanism, which makes the piston deliver a more powerful blow at 3,100 blows/min. This allows the tool to chip away concrete and asphalt, and it can also be used to remove slag and scale materials on industrial and marine jobsites.

Both models feature General’s tool integrated protection system, which provides additional 360° support around the tool shank that helps minimize receiver damage when prying. The MDF series also comes standard with a 2.4m whip hose. An optional tool caddie is available to provide continuous clean, lubricated air.

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