Genesis grapple reduces maintenance

Published 10/7, 2017 at 12:25

Genesis Attachments’s new handling grapple, GHG 125, has features that require less maintenance.

It has a single cylinder with dual drag links minimizing the number of moving parts, simplifying the hydraulic system and reducing maintenance. Easy to locate grease fittings in the tine, frame and linkage design also decrease downtime.

Designed for waste handling and recycling, construction and demolition material handling and sorting, and primary demolition applications, the GHG is available with perforated or heavy-duty ribbed tines that close at a flat angle to assist in compacting material. Maximum crushing force densifies material while the rotation system resists back-driving forces.

Large recessed side covers provide access to internal components while protecting the cover fasteners, and small openings in the lower housing prevent material from accumulating inside the grapple.

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