Green Attachments

Published 16/5, 2017 at 15:30

Finnish company Green Attachments, based in Lahti and with distributors in Europe, has an OEM range of demolition, recycling and forestry application attachments for excavators and wheel loaders.

Its Red Line membrane type hydraulic breakers can operate in all positions due to a long and light piston and a large number of seals.

The company’s Blue line grapples have been designed for demolition and recycling applications. Due to their robust structure they are built for primary demolition. They are fully rotatable offering easy manoeuvrability and after demolition the material can be easily separated.

The root stump cutter is designed to lift and crush tree the stumps. It reduces the size of the root stump and makes the resulting material suitable for the next processing stage, chipping, shredding or biomass and facilitates the drying of the remains by natural process.

The tree shear is equipment, which has been designed for felling and deforestation of logs, trees and maintenance of bushes.  Designed for operating at difficult access along roadsides and steep slopes ensures high productivity with the reuse of the cut material for subsequent processing.

The wood splitter clamp is for the size reduction of large logs and tree stumps. The profile of the claws has been designed to reduce the effort of penetration of the blades in the trunk, further facilitated by the presence of rolls.


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