GSSI offers GPR training programmes

Published 15/11, 2017 at 17:12

The US ground penetrating radar equipment manufacturer GSSI, offers comprehensive training programmes for new and existing customers on how to use GSSI equipment safely and effectively in the field.

Classes are available for the complete range of GSSI products and are conducted by a team of four full time trainers. 

The majority of GSSI’s training classes are taught at its headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire. This facility has two classrooms equipped with computers for students and two hands on training areas featuring an indoor utility test pit. For customers located on the West Coast, GSSI offers classes six weeks a year in Henderson, Nevada. All of the classes are complimentary during the initial two year warranty period and can be taken for a fee if students have not purchased equipment or are outside of the warranty period. Classes in Nashua and Henderson range from one to three days, depending on the particular class. 

In addition to the regularly scheduled  GSSI offers live online webinars and on-site training for customers who cannot travel to attend a class. On-site training classes are provided at  customer’s facilities upon request and can be customized or cover the standard material. 

Most classes are geared towards the basic learner, but advanced classes are available for those who have at least six months of experience working with the equipment. Training courses generally require no prerequisites, no prior experience with the equipment or technology. GSSI trainers are skilled at teaching users of all educational and skill levels. For advanced users and those looking to go deeply into the technology, GSSI can add any additional training or engineering resource. 

“GSSI has invested a tremendous amount of time and money into developing a superior training programme,” said GSSI training manager Dan Welch. ”GSSI focuses on partnering with its customer to make sure they are successful and training is an important part of that partnership.” 

The class schedule is posted on the GSSI website so students can select the class and date that meets their needs. Popular offerings include classes on BridgeScan, Radan 7, RoadScan, StructureScan Mini XT, StructureScan Pro and UtilityScan.


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