GSSI Unveils StructureScan Pro

Published 10/7, 2017 at 12:27

GSSI, believed to be the world’s leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar equipment, has introduced StructureScan Pro, a concrete scanning system that can accurately inspect concrete, measure slab thickness, and locate voids.

StructureScan Pro is claimed to be an ideal system for locating rebar, post-tensioned cables, and conduits, conduct real time surveys for core clearance or post process data for reports. It reaches depths up to 457mm. The system includes the updated SIR 4000 control unit and a choice of the 1600MHz or high-resolution 2600MHz antenna. With a basic antenna upgrade, the SIR 4000 controller can also be used for utility detection and deep void detection applications.

StructureScan Pro locates embedments in real-time, and allows users to create x-ray-like 3D images of a survey area. The intuitive data visualization features include the ability to slice through each data layer. Additional features include multiple colour themes and save image functionality.

The updated SIR 4000 also enables the option of on-the-fly automatic gain to enhance the data display, while still saving the file in the original raw format for post processing.

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