Hartl ‘s new products at Bauma

Published 23/6, 2016 at 16:26

Hartl Crusher used Bauma to launch the Performance Skid and Modular Solutions.

The Performance Skid is a remotely controlled drive unit and docking station for optimising production and minimising operating costs of hydraulic processing attachments, such as bucket crushers, screeners and shredders. In combination with the Hartl bucket crusher it provides a mobile crushing solution that approaches the performance of track mounted crushers. The crushing unit can be detached from the skid frame and mounted on the excavator boom for solo jobs.

The Hartl Modular Solustion consists of several processing modules, that can be combined according to customers’ needs. It can be used for processing natural rock or recycling. The modules are compact and can be transported and set up easily.

“My sons Alexander and Dominik will probably initiate a new era with this solution,” said Hartl founder Adolf Hartl. “If we had only come up with this idea back in the 1980s, the whole mobile processing technology sector would look quite different today. Customers, some of whom I have known for decades, have grasped this concept immediately and want to put the Performance Skid into operation at once. The many orders that have been placed, directly at Bauma, make me particularly happy about the future of Hartl Crusher and are a reward for all the hard work that our staff has put in.”

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