Hatz announces new compact power package

Published 22/2, 2018 at 13:02

Motorenfabrik Hatz has introduced a new liquid cooled three cylinder diesel 3H50T engine as a fan-to-flywheel version as well as in the OPU (Open Power Unit) variant.

The new engine operates in the under 19kW performance class extending the product range of its H-series. With a displacement of only 1.5l and a maximum output of 130kNm, the engine is said to possess the highest torque in its class.

The Hatz 3H50T achieves its output without an intercooler and possesses a compact construction without diesel particulate filter (DPF) providing significant benefits particularly for use in compact machines. With its low weight and small installation dimensions, the performance data of the engine exceeds many older engines in the 19 to 37kW class. This provides equipment manufacturers an alternative for use in compact machines with small engine compartments. Additionally the engine may be used for upgrading existing machines to EU Stage V.

The new engine satisfies current and future emission regulations, including EU Stage V as well as EPA Tier IV final. The engine achieves an extremely low particle mass that also undercuts the limit value by a factor of 10, without any further exhaust emission after treatment, such as exhaust gas recirculation or diesel oxidation catalyst.

The Hatz 3H50T OPU provides a ‘plug and play solution’ that is particularly suited to the requirements of manufacturers of compact machines that need engines fully ready for installation. This makes the new engine ideal for lifting platforms, hydraulic systems, drilling machines and stationary applications such as pumps and alternators. With its integrated and optimal design of the radiator, hoses and cabling as well as the electronics, the Hatz OPU concept greatly simplifies design and installation.



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