Hatz premiers 3H50 three-cylinder engine

Published 23/6, 2016 at 17:23

Motorenfabrik Hatz used Bauma for the world premiere of the water-cooled three-cylinder engines of the current H family. The company also presented future solutions around the proposed emission standard EU stage V. Hatz also introduce generator sets and hydraulic power packs.

Together with the existing Hatz 4H50 engines there will also be three-cylinder versions available. For optimum combustion, best operating characteristics and reduced emissions they are also equipped with the Bosch common rail technology. The engines have a maximum torque of 200Nm and a maximum power of 46kW.

The Hatz 3H50TI reaches EU Stage IIIA and EPA Tier 4 interim in the power range 19kW to 37kW. To comply with the exhaust emission standards EPA Tier 4 final and EU stage IIIB, the Hatz 3H50TIC is equipped with a combination of external exhaust gas recirculation and diesel oxidation catalyst. Both engine variants will be available from 2018.

Even without diesel particulate filters, intelligent Hatz advanced combustion strategy enables the engines to comply with the current exhaust emission standards.

Motorenfabrik Hatz is believed to be the only manufacturer providing a Tier-4-final certified engine range up to 19kW.

Motorenfabrik Hatz predicted the stricter regulations for the H-family concerning a diesel particulate filter at higher power classes at the outset and designed the engines accordingly. At Bauma, the engine manufacturer presented the EU stage V solutions Hatz 3H50TICD and 4H50TICD, which will be launched well before the introduction of the new exhaust emission legislation in 2019.

Hatz also presented the new generating set Hatz HEA 27TDCW5 producing 27KVA at 50Hz and 400V and the new hydraulic power pack. With the EU Stage IIIB engine Hatz 4H50TIC, the new Hatz HAA 55HDCW supplies 42kW of hydraulic power.

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