HCME to support dealers with Mascus

Published 23/6, 2016 at 17:19

At Bauma Dynaset introduced a number of new products including the KPL high pressure street washing unit, HPTO hydraulic power take-off, HMAG pro hydraulic magnet with claws, HVD90 hydraulic directional vibra, HGV power box, variable hydraulic generator HPI 700, hydraulic pressure intensifier and HG 1 hydraulic generator.

Dynaset ‘s new HMAG pro hydraulic magnet, which has a 0.8s demagnetization time, is now available with claws. The hydraulic magnet is a plug and play attachment for scrap handling, recycling, demolition and railroad work. HMAG Pro has one of the world’s best demagnetization and claws. The claws help to remove dirt, gravel and debris to get better access to the scrap metal.

The new HVD90 is providing one direction vibration force for a loader’s bucket and truck bed. Vibration will help emptying a bucket and remove blockage material.

The Dynaset HGV power box produces electricity by utilizing a mobile machine’s engine power. The power box includes HG hydraulic generator with control valves, oil tank, cooler, Dynaset high speed hydraulic pump and electric central. The all-in-one-box system is easy to install on any truck chassis, vehicle, boat, or ship thanks to its modular structure and compact size.

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