High frequency concrete cutting in the Hague

Published 10/10, 2018 at 16:01

In March of this year, BVG Boren & Zagen BV in the Netherlands, received a commission from RED Betonbouw BV to undertake sawing work at the Tower of Oud located in Den Hague.

The tower is to be remodelled, and is the oldest high rise building in Den Hague, with a height of 70m and 19 floors. This meant that traditional demolition techniques could not be used. Instead BVG Boren & Zagen BV opted for a total metamorphosis involving two additional floors. To undertake the work the company used a Pentruder 8-20iQ high cycle wall saw with 27 kW HF engine, and also bought a second Pentruder 8-20iQ with 22 kW HF engine from Adamas, Pentruder’s dealer in the Netherlands.

Cutting was undertaken with ARIX-G3 X3-WS 2502 saw blades, also from Adamas.

Work began with the sawing of the 600mm roof edge. Under this was located a 23t glass cleaning lift which was removed during the sawing. This was followed by the drilling of lifting holes in the parapets of the 19 floors. During drilling the contractor also started cutting away one of three points, and after each floor was sawn, the concrete blocks were immediately hoisted down to the ground. After the point was completely removed, the sawing of the parapets was started from the bottom to the top.

Currently some 50% of the building has been demolished; with the demolition team now having removed all screeds, totalling 2,175m2,  with the released materials being put in large transport bags so that they could be removed by crane. The tower’s columns were removed by means of wire saws, with the sawing working upwards, with the contractor installing a steel structure so that the tower would not tip over. As soon as the sawing of the parapets and the column were finished, the complete steel structure was installed. 

Once all its wood has been removed, the spiral staircase located in the core of the building will be demolished. The spiral staircase has a diameter of 2,200mm and is 19 floors high. As soon as the staircase is loose, it will be turned by means of a mortar 180O so that the entrance will be on the other side. For this new entrance, new door openings have to be cut in the 480mm concrete of all 19 floors. 

As soon as these activities are completed, the ‘hat’ will be cut from the roof. Here the new 2,200mm diameter recess will be located so that the new staircase can be raised further.

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