Hitachi wheel loader helps drive Swiss recycling plant

Published 22/2, 2018 at 12:59

TIB Recycla SA (TIB) has selected a new Hitachi ZW310-6 wheel loader for the company’s new recycling centre in Lugano, Switzerland.

The machine was supplied to TIB with a five year / 6,000h extended warranty and service contract by the country’s official Hitachi dealer, Probst Maveg. TIB was established in 2014 as a partnership between three companies: Toggenburger, Implenia and Bizzozero. 

The company’s recycling plant was completed in August 2017, with the ZW310-6 being utilised on site to drive up the steep ramp and feed the plant with freshly delivered materials. Its other main task is to load delivery trucks with finished aggregates for transportation by road or rail. The purpose of TIB’s plant is to recycle excavated and demolished materials, enabling the materials to be reused in construction projects across Switzerland.

The ZW310-6 wheel loader was delivered in the third quarter of 2017, along with three other Hitachi medium excavators – a ZX240-5, ZX135US-6 and ZX300-6. TIB was happy to invest in the new machinery due to the reliability of the equipment and the relationship it shares with Probst Maveg. “Hitachi is strong in this region and the most important element for us is the exemplary service,” says TIB’s director Roberto Bizzozero.

“We benefit directly from our dealer’s top quality approach, and enjoy a friendly business relationship with high levels of professionalism from our main point of contact. The ZW310-6 is working for around 15h per day, so it has to be reliable,” added Roberto.

Despite working with another manufacturer over the past 30 years, Roberto has enjoyed 15 years of Hitachi ownership even more: “We opted for the ZW wheel loader due to the total cost of ownership, driven by its low fuel consumption as well as the high price / quality ratio.”

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