Hitachi ZX300LCN-6 takes SIRO to new heights

Published 2/3, 2017 at 14:05

The Portuguese recycling company Leal & Soares has introduced a new Hitachi medium excavator ZX300LCN-6 to its production process to move 100,000m³/week of compost material at its site in Mira, west Portugal. L&S is also the owner of the brand Sistemas Integrados de Reciclagem Orgânica (Integrated Systems for Organic Recycling) that produces compost from forest residue.

The Zaxis-6 excavator was supplied by dealer Moviter with a larger than standard 3m³ bucket. This is due to the light density of the materials, which are stacked in numerous piles. “We considered other brands, but after testing the Hitachi for a week, we were convinced that this was the best machine,” said SIRO chairman Carlos Soares. “We have also had a positive experience with a used Hitachi excavator, which has given us many years’ reliable service.


“We selected the ZX300LCN-6, as we felt that the volume of work was suitable for this size of machine. The most important criterion was the capacity and the new machine will be more productive and fuel efficient and is doing exactly what it is supposed to and helping us to meet our objectives.”

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