HTC Launches New Dust

Published 15/9, 2017 at 12:26

The new HTC D60 dust extractor has been designed particularly for use with HTC Duratiq floor grinders with a grinding width of 600mm to 700 mm.

The Duratiq remote connection, automatic filter cleaning and integrated pre-separation produce synergic effects of increased productivity and grinding capacity.

Automatic filter cleaning along with integrated pre-separation ensures continuous operation and consistent and safe dust extraction over time. Other benefits are the extremely compact dimensions and HEPA H13 filters with a quick-lock change system.

The HTC D60 is 680mm wide and 1.4m high in the transport position and is equipped with a digital control panel for monitoring functions. An LCD display provides information of the factors for optimum dust extraction, such as airflow, under-pressure and filter status.

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