Husqvarna expands product ranges

Published 19/4, 2016 at 13:33

Husqvarna has added an updated version of the FS 3500 G self-propelled walk-behind flat saw with a 27.5kW Kohler gasoline engine. It has a cutting depth up to 311mm with a 750mm diameter diamond blade. It is easy to maneuver and ideal for small and medium patch or service jobs cutting in concrete or asphalt.

“The new FS 3500 G is a modern flat saw that is perfect for small to medium patch and service jobs, making it an ideal tool to add to the inventory of any sawing contractor or equipment rental store,” said Husqvarna flat saws Americas product manager Richard Tremain.

Updated features include a Poly-V blade shaft belt drive system with an automatic tensioner. The FS 3500 G comes standard with an engine tachometer, hour meter and water safety blade protection.  When activated, the water safety blade protection automatically shuts off the engine if water is lost, keeping the blade from overheating and going out of tension. The saw can also be equipped with an optional water pump kit and/or light kit.

Husqvarna has also introduced two new cutting carts, the KV 760 and KV 970/1260 designed to fit Husqvarna gas power cutters. These carts make it easy to cut in straight or curved lines, close to walls or curbs.

“These are the next generation of KV carts for our gas power cutters. Carts of the past were gravity-fed, which works, but is not always the most efficient. These carts would run out of water too quickly or water flow could not be controlled. This has all been changed by the addition of a pressurized  water tank along with the DEX system on our power cutters, which allows operators to adjust to the flow of water to use only what is needed to suppress dust,” said Husqvarna power cutters Americas product manage Mike Ward.

The quick connections make it easy to install the cutter on the cart and the depth limiter allows easy adjustment of the cutting depth. The carts come standard with a 13.3L pressurized water tank and a 3m hose that connects to the water nozzle on the blade guard. This new feature, together with the power cutters’ water-saving cutting system, allows hours of cutting with or without the cart.

Another feature is the lateral adjustment where the wheels can be moved to the left or right,  allowing the machine to cut close to walls or kerbs. The handle has also been redesigned with a soft insert, making it more comfortable to operate. The cart folds to facilitate transporting and storage. The  KV 760 fits the K 760 power cutter and the KV 970/1260 fits the K 970 or K 1260 power cutters.

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