Husqvarna launches Redi Lock

Published 19/4, 2016 at 11:49

Husqvarna is launching Redi Lock G 1400, a new range of metal-bonded diamond tools for the Redi Lock system for surface preparation. The G 1400 has been developed for very hard concrete surfaces. The bright orange colour highlights that the metal bond is softer compared with the previous series for hard concrete, making it the softest range of the Redi Lock system.

The G 1400 series has a high removal rate on hard concrete, up to two times more than the second softest series G 1110, which will help increase productivity. The shape, together with the big grit sizes, allows a larger removal of the material. The diamond segment height is 13mm and the optimum diamond selection enables the highest performance on hard concrete.

The new range will offer dealers and professionals one of the best solutions for hard concrete. The range will be supplied with a brand new package design that allows storage of segments when not in use.

Redi Lock, is a hassle-free system for changing diamond tools. With this system, there is no need for multiple sets of diamond holder discs, or for impractical and time consuming screw-on-diamond systems. Redi Lock can be used on all Husqvarna surface preparation machines and tool adapters are available for most other machines on the market.

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