Husqvarna’s new WSC 40 wall saw chain attachment

Published 9/12, 2016 at 15:23

Husqvarna has added the wall saw chain attachment WSC 40 for use in combination with Husqvarna wall sawing systems WS 482 HF and WS 440 HF.

The WSC 40 allows high precision cutting while avoiding overcutting. At the same time, flush cutting in tight places is possible.

“WSC 40 makes it possible to cut precise corners without changing to a handheld cutter. This adds to the flexibility for users,” said Husqvarna Construction Products global product manager construction equipment Botilda Hellberg. The WSC 40, weighing 17.8kg, has great precision when cutting in concrete and other building materials. Together with bar and chain, it can also do flush cutting close to the floor, ceiling or wall without the need to switch to a handheld cutter. The chain speed is 28m/s and maximum cutting depth is 400mmand minimum cutting width is 200mm.


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