The XL arm can reach 6.8m upwards to demolish walls and ceilings.

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Published 16/11, 2017 at 14:39

The manufacturing sector in the global hydrodemolition industry is quite narrow with only two main manufacturers, Aquajet Systems and Conjet. PDi reviews the developments in the past year.

Although Aquajet Systems and Conjet are the main manufacturers, there are a few smaller companies developing hydrodemolition equipment on an irregular basis. In addition some hydrodemolition contractors have developed their own equipment for special projects, as standard equipment does not always suit the task. The boundaries for removal of damaged concrete are constantly extending, putting more demands on the flexibility of the equipment.


Growing sales in North America for Aquajet

The acquisition of Aquajet by Brokk opens the hydrodemolition market in the US and Canada. A year ago as a strategy to grow in the worldwide demolition market, the Swedish manufacturer of remotely controlled demolition robots, Brokk, acquired 80% of Aquajet Systems. Since then, the main direction for both companies has been business as usual.

”However, after the merger with Brokk we now have a good opportunity to use that company’s sales organisation in the US and North America to fully reach out to demolition contractors in this huge market,” said Aquajet sales manager Patrik Andersson. “And so far it has been a good start with full demand. We are at the moment very satisfied with the result this year.”

”A main reason for that is that we now have big demolition contractors that want to buy a complete package from us with robots, power pack and water treatment. This is a new trend which enhances the market and sales for us,” said Aquajet chief executive Roger Simonsson.

”So North America is going to be one of our biggest markets this year. But also Europe is doing very well and we are very positive about the growth of our sales this year.”

One reason, according to Simonsson, is that in the US and Canada, there are enormous needs for renovation of roads, tunnels and bridges, which have been neglected for a long time.

”And in Europe the new EU safety and environment regulations in the European Standards EN 1504 for protection and repair of concrete structures is now being introduced. This new regulation is literally promoting hydrodemolition robots to comply with the new environmental and safety standards. So it is going to be very interesting how the European demolition market will react now,” said Simonsson. “And In April 2018 we will show some new machines.”


Conjet Robot 557 with XL arm

The latest track driven hydrodemolition robot from Conjet, Conjet Robot 557, is available in both diesel and electric versions.

The hydraulic system is load sensing so the engines rpm will adapt to the power requied for the operation that is taken place. The control system with CAN-open communication of latest design and programming facilitates for the operator. 

With only few settings and the machine will be up and producing. Every movement can be controlled from the radio control panel as well as from the display at the robot. There are also a number of programs with special features that can be used when the project so requires.

Safety have always been paramount for Conjet, so the signal to load and unload the pump when the operation goes into automatic mode can be cable or wireless, optional. If the operation takes place in a parking garage than can the operator bring a cable connected to the receiver box into the garage and by so obtain a good signal.

Apart from the compact standard arm can the machine also be equipped with a XL arm. Both arms gives the robot a great deal of flexibility without the need of rebuilding the robot for different objects. 

The XL arm can reach 6.8m upwards to demolish walls and 5.8m in the ceiling and further can it reach down below the track level 3.5m to work along a quay. The feed beam can also be extended in a very easy way if even further reach is required.  

Conjet Robot 557 is very stable and ridged and the arm is very powerful to handle the reaction forces from large pumps up to 3000N, in all positions. Furthermore, it is possible to widen the tracks up to 1900mm width and shift the entire chassis 400mm reverse to further ensure stability when the removal takes place on the wall or in the ceiling.

With the XL arm Conjet Robot 557 also has a system that detects that the arm is in an area where safety is ensured. The operator can for the safety of his own and the machine see at the display identify that the robot maintains full stability.

Changing the position of the arm from demolishing wall to a quay only takes a few minutes. With the arm you can also demolish on the side of the machine or reach over a surface that you do not reach.

For scarifying can the robot also be equipped with a rotor of for a circular tunnel with a feed beam bended to the radius required. 

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