Idrobase’s Tornado for hydroblasting

Published 28/12, 2016 at 16:18

The cold water pressure washer Tornado is one of the new products from Idrobase Group. Presented in its new ‘Catalogue of Solutions 2017/18’ it is mainly used for hydroblasting applications such as cleaning concrete surfaces concrete, cutting concrete, renovation, sanding and surface hydroscarification.

Tornado is used especially in foundries and mines and quarries for cleaning machinery, rotary disk filters, conveyor belts, dust removal, and cooling of drilling tools on excavation heads.

This high power pressure washer is available in three versions: Tornado EM electrical, Tornado ST diesel and Tornado diesel. Tornado EM electrical can be moved from room to room thanks to its wheels. It is available in four models with variable pressure from 400bar to 1,000bar and flow rate from 38litre/min to 15litre/min according to models that have the same power of 30kW. This version has a triplex horizontal pump with ceramic coated steel plungers and asynchronous 3-phase motor.

The Tornado ST diesel can reach up to 1,000bar pressure with flow rate of 19litre/min.  The Tornado Diesel models have a variable pressure from 330bar to 500bar and a flow rate from 26litre/min to 37litre/min. 

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