IMPAKTOR 250 with new features

Published 15/9, 2017 at 11:53

At Steinexpo exhibition ARJES, known for recycling innovation and slow-speed two-shaft shredders, presented the successful ARJES Impaktor with new features.

Steinexpo visitors were able to see the ARJES Impaktor 250 with new options for the first time. 

The mobile crusher developed for demolition and dismantling jobs known for its robustness despite low weight of only 13.5 tons. With a length of 7.500 mm, width of 2.400 mm and a low height of 2.800 mm the ARJES Impaktor 250 is very compact.

A real innovation is the fast changing shaft system of the ARJES Impaktor, which allows the operator to change shafts in no time and have the machine up and running again in less than 1 – 2 hours. Longer machine down-time is in the past. 

The optional finger screen offers further classification of materials into sizes of 0 – 10 mm, 10 – 40 mm and 40 – 80 mm directly after the first pass. Another new feature is the longer discharge belt which increases height and surface of the bulk cone and requires less material removal.

ARJES offers demos at customer site and with customer material.

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