In the hall of the mountain king

Published 28/12, 2016 at 16:34

The Hilti Group recently celebrated its 75th anniversary at its picture perfect mountain landscape based headquarters in Schann, Liechtenstein. PDi Editor Vitor Hermasson reports.

On my first day I pass by the headquarters and head to Vaduz, the small capital in an already very small country. It is here that the Hilti Art Foundation is located, a snow white building subterraneously connected to Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts. Here are works of art by great artists such as Gaugin, Magritte and Picasso. The building is a piece of art on its own right, with its cubical shape and sunlit stairway in its centre. The building was constructed to preserve and add to the experience, with its diverse wall colours and carefully planned lighting and temperature. The visit ended with a dinner at restaurant Torkel, with a view over the vineyard and the mountains that by night had turned blue.

Next day was the visit to headquarters to meet Hilti group directors Michael Hilti, Christoph Loos and Stefan Nöken with a short welcome speech on Hilti’s current state and future visions. This followed the innovation show, to present new products at separate seminars including one on demolition.

Two of the machines presented were TE 800-AVR and TE 1000-AVR breakers that offer great power to weight ratio. They are equipped with active vibration reduction and Hi Drive technology, which consists of a lightweight motor, consistent power and electronic power steering. The breakers are used with the wave chisels TE SP-SM whose polygon shape makes them self-sharpening for a longer life, faster drilling and fewer interruptions.

The PR 2-HS A12, a durable rotating laser with 360° drop resistance was also on show. Powered by fast-charging 12V Li-ion batteries, the laser has a one button operation, easy setup and intuitive alignment procedures. Additional machines presented were TE-CD and TE-YD, two hollow self cleaning drill bits, and DD 350-CA and DD 500-CA core drilling machines equipped with CutAssist, an automated technology that allows the user to handle other tasks simultaneously, and the X-Change module, that allows core retipping with an easy click-and-lock mechanism. The AG 150-A36 and AG 125-A36, two cordless angle grinders with brushless motors and the latest 36V Li-ion batteries where also demonstrated.

The visit concluded with a visit to the innovation centre followed with a panel discussion on industry trends with Hilti executive board members Jan Doongaji and Stefan Nöken, and head of research and development Andreas Bong.

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