Instability has become the norm

Published 30/1, 2015

Dear ReaderHere we are again, one year has past and a new one is just starting. As usual our last issue of the year is a combined New Year and January issue focusing on the forthcoming World of Concrete show in Las Vegas on 3-6 February.

World of Concrete is expanding and so is the US construction industry, due mainly to the recovering US economy. This year’s World of Concrete will be the biggest in six years. PDi Magazine, along with its sister publication PDa Magazine, will be exhibiting on booth C4236 in the Central Hall. All are most welcome to come and visit.
This issue has a special focus on World of Concrete and will be distributed at the show. It also contains information about concrete sawing and drilling equipment and diamond tools that have been launched during the year. There is also the annual PDi Concrete Cutting Survey that estimates the current size of the global concrete cutting industry. In this issue there are also two features about compact loading equipment and waste handling equipment.
I also would like to mention that PDi has appointed a new writer, David Ehrenstråle, who has replaced Heikki Harri, our former specialist writer on recycling equipment. I would like to thank Heikki for his great work and support to PDi over many years. I also would like to welcome David, with many years’ experience in the crushing and recycling industry, like Heikki. David has bee a contributor for many years to our Swedish demolition and rental magazines.
Now what prospects do we have for 2015? It is a difficult question to answer, in particular at this time. Judging from what is happening with terrorism and wars around the world the situation will continue to be unstable. The recent tragic incidents in Paris will not make an already tense situation any better. As a publisher of magazines we express our deepest condolences to those affected by the tragic events in Paris and at the publication Charlie Hebdo.
The market however looks like it will move in the right direction during 2015, at least that is the message we are receiving from the industry. The US market is about to pick up, and the construction sectors are doing better and better and are an important motor for the whole global industry. In Europe things seem to be stable and the market will pick up by between 2% to 5%, depending on regions. Some markets, like Spain and Italy, will remain low, but are considered to have reached bottom.
I believe this situation is about the same in Asia, except for Japan, which is experiencing a construction boom. India is also doing well and in 2015’s first issue of PDi we will published a survey of the Indian concrete cutting and demolition industries. The construction market in Australia declined in 2014 compared to 2013 and it is believed that the market will decline slightly more in 2015.
South and Central America is looking good with a number of countries, such as Mexico, Brazil and Colombia steaming ahead. Many South American markets are known to have a parallel economy. Even if the official position is unstable the construction industry is often living its own life with plenty of projects going on. Brazil is a good example and in 2015 work will be completed for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. But before that PDi Magazine will stage the Latin American Concrete Cutting and Demolition Forum in Rio de Janeiro, 1-2 October 2015.

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