Keltbray meets low emission zone compliance

Published 15/11, 2017 at 16:44

In the UK Keltbray Group is one of the first companies to pass a number of certified external audits for compliance with the Non-Road Mobile Machinery low emission zone requirements in London.

These requirements came into force in 2015 and aim to improve air quality by reducing key pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter from burning fuel such as diesel, petrol and natural gas.

Keltbray’s environmental team has been working with its plant department to ensure the company’s machines meet these requirements. “We are committed to environmental improvements across our business, and although this is a tiered directive, we and a number of our clients are now working towards ensuring that our plant meet some of the stages ahead of the 2020 deadline to demonstrate good practice,” said Keltbray energy manager and environmental advisor Jenny Cottrell.

“We have retrofitted over 20 machines with custom made dcl units. Although this is a considerably bigger investment compared to using generic bolt-on units, we have found that the fixed design relative to kW output is not suitable for our demanding demolition environment. Our investment in retrofit technology means that we get full life value from our fleet, whilst maintaining environmental and NRMM compliance with best available technology. Auditors have recently visited a number of Keltbray sites and we are pleased that the results confirm NRMM compliance.”

“We know what to expect on Keltbray sites, as they always keep an eye on the ball,” said Merton Council lead auditor Andrew Gordon. “The systems in place are demonstrably effective in procuring compliant plant and identifying non-compliant items and implementing rectifying measures when required. “

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