Kern-Deudiam successful in the market for 40 years

Published 2/3, 2017 at 16:11

Kern-Deudiam is a leading German manufacturer of diamond tools and machines with worldwide business relationships. The company is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, making it one of the oldest in the industry. Managing director reveals how the company has succeeded in the competitive market.

In 2008 Marko Waymann took over the management of Deudiam, from Hartwig Liemke who founded the company in 1977. The word ‘Deu’ stands for ‘Deutsch’, or German and ‘Diam’ for ‘Diamond tools’. In the same year the merger took place with the Bielefelder company Kern, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deudiam since 1997. The company was subsequently named Kern-Deudiam. “We regard this name as a commitment for quality made in Germany,” said Waymann. “We are one of the few companies in the industry who have our own production and development department in Germany.

“Our success is mainly based on five points. First of all, there is our long-term experience, which makes us experts in the field of diamond tools for stone and concrete processing. Our diamond tools offer the highest degree of precision, quality, lifetime and cutting speed. By using the best raw materials we reach a level of production, which results in constant and consistent quality, which is an absolute priority for us.”

“Another important point is customer service,” said sales manager Michael Schulz. “That is why our motto is ‘Our Core is Service’. Depending on customer requirements, we can paint the tools and label them automatically by laser engraving. We supply the complete spectrum from packaging to labels. Since we are operating world-wide, we are able to supply our customers quickly and reliably anywhere in the world.” Kern-Deudiam exports around 58% of production to around 60 countries, including England, Scandinavia, North and South America, numerous countries in Eastern Europe and the Arab region.”

“The fourth point for our success is innovation. One of the company’s objectives is the development of products and technologies in the field of diamond tools,” said Waymann.

Alexander Peters is responsible for finding the best possible compositions and works out the perfect mixture for the respective purpose. The company has developed more than 750 different mixtures for diamond segments.

“But our biggest asset is our highly trained team of employees. They develop products in close coordination with field service and drilling and sawing companies to provide optimum solutions for every application.”

The number of employees has almost doubled since the merger in 2008 and there are currently 50 employees, some having been with the company since the start. “Employees can work independently to a large extent, so there is little fluctuation,” said Waymann. “This is a great advantage for customers, because they always have the same contact person who is familiar with their needs.”

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