Key role for Brokk in Madrid

Published 15/11, 2017 at 18:25

Brokk remotely controlled demolition robots have been playing a major role at the Cuatro Torres complex in Madrid, Spain.

The leading Spanish demolition contractor Perfox is using the Brokk machines to demolish an existing structure to make way for the Caleido Tower being built by OHL Desarrollos, one of Spain’s largest construction contractors.

The Caleido Tower will be a 165m tall, 35 storey structure on the Paseo de la Castellana, and will house the new headquarters and campus of IE University, as well as a clinic and shopping centre.

Perfox is employing six Brokk machines a Brokk 500, two Brokk 180s, two Brokk 160s, and a Brokk 90. These remotely controlled demolition machines are helping to break up over 1,000m3 of reinforced concrete in the primary walls and slabs and the Brokk 500 has rivalled the performance of a 30t excavator. In the small, restricted spaces, safe and efficient demolition would have been impossible without the compact Brokk 160. The building has many limited access spaces where Brokk machines have proven to be the best option for completing the project within the tight schedule.

 “We’re very happy with Brokk,” said Perfox general director Ramiro Núñez. “We’ve been working together for more than twelve years, and we’ve always received great support from them. We currently have eight Brokk machines, and we’ll be expanding our fleet soon. This job would’ve been impossible to complete without our Brokk machines. The power and performance of these robots are incredible and comparable with much larger excavators, but we can access very small spaces with them. The Brook 500 is a small monster, and it’s working in a place where we simply couldn’t bring any other excavator.”


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