Kinshofer P-Series orange peel grapples handle heavier loads

Published 23/11, 2018 at 16:10

Kinshofer, the global manufacturer of high quality excavator and loader crane attachments, offers an extensive range of excavator orange peel grapples for scrap, demolition, loading and unloading applications.

Unlike competitive grapples, the P-Series hydraulic system is fully enclosed and protected, reducing the risk of damage to hoses and other components. Additionally, the grapple’s unique tine design enhances material penetration, increasing the amount contractors can safely secure in one cycle and saving time on the jobsite.

The P-Series orange peel grapples handle loads nearly 4m3 within one cycle, and are available with three, four or five tines. The grabs also come in four different tine profiles including fully closing, half closing, pointed and wide style pointed, effectively providing an optimised solution for any material. The slim design of the tines also provides maximised penetration of scrap and demolition piles.

The attachment’s hydraulic system is completely protected through its yoke system design. This prevents material from falling into the system and ripping or damaging components or hoses - a common problem in demolition and recycling applications. Kinshofer’s hydraulic cylinders are fitted with replaceable piston rod protection that is hydraulically cushioned for added durability. Removable covers provide quick access to the hoses, oil distribution system and grease points for easy serviceability.

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