Klindex Expander 530 propane

Published 2/3, 2017 at 15:59

The Klindex Expander 530 propane powered grinding and polishing machine, with patented geared mono-rotating planetary system, combines performance and reliability of Klindex grinding and polishing machines with the flexibility of a propane motor.

The Expander 530 allows independence from generators or mains power. This robust grinder combines its weight with a working section of 530mm, providing high productivity rates and constant performances. Main advantages are no performance drop and loss of time caused by the power grid; mono-rotating planetary; free from the hassle and costs of extension cords; no need of a generator; accurate and reliable adjustable planetary speed; low operating vibrations; light and easy to manoeuvre; ideal for indoor and outdoor applications; dry or wet grinding and standard 46litre water tank.


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