Kobelco’s smallest

Published 10/7, 2017 at 12:30

Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe has added its smallest excavator to the European market. The SK08, which has an operating weight of 1,035kg, is a super-compact mini excavator for working in confined areas, or assisting larger machines with the demolition of buildings from the inside.​

The SK08’s slim upper structure allows the machine to pass through doorways and enter narrow passages of just 700mm wide, with 730mm wide protecting structure removed. It is equipped with a crawler extension/retraction mechanism as standard and the crawlers can be further retracted to 680mm.

The SK08, which is powered by a 7.7kw engine, has a tail swing radius of 725mm and a maximum tail overhang of 305mm. The machine’s boom swing, which provides a digging width of up to 310mm outside the left retracted crawler when the boom is swung 85° to the right, also enables the digging of side ditches close to walls. The working range includes 2.83m digging reach and 1.46m digging depth.

“The new SK08 is Kobelco’s smallest mini excavator and its arrival opens up a whole new market for us,” said KCME product marketing manager, Peter Stuijt. “Europe’s infrastructure is developing rapidly and as a consequence, the demand for small yet high performance excavators has also increased over the past 12 months. This machine is therefore ideally placed for Europe’s busy construction sector, including residential areas where there are space restrictions.”


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