Komatsu beefs up the mid-range

Published 8/10, 2015 at 10:25

Komatsu Europe International has extended its wheel loader line with the WA200-7 model suitable for a wide range of tasks.

Weighing 11.8t, the WA200-7 is powered by a Komatsu EU Stage IIIB-compliant SAA4D107E-2 engine with a net horsepower of 95kW. The engine is equipped with an advanced electronic control system, managing airflow rate, fuel injection, combustion and exhaust after-treatment.

An electronically controlled HST drivetrain features the traction control system, which facilitates operation on soft or slippery terrain. The dynamic braking effect of the HST drivetrain slows the machine when the accelerator is released. Machine control has also been enhanced, which is critical for work in tight places.
Simplified controls switch over between the Auto mode and the S-mode, which reduces the tractive effort when traveling at low speed and offers optimum driving force. The variable shift control allows the operator to set the speed up to 14km/h 

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