Kubota wins award

Published 25/3 at 13:41

The Kubota Corporation has won the prestigious European ‘Diesel of the year’ 2019 award given by Diesel International magazine.

This is the first time a Japanese winner has been so recognized. The award was given for Kubota’s V5009 engine, which has been developed in response to new, more stringent emissions standards in the United States, the EU and Asia. Fabio Butturi, the editor in chief of Diesel International said: “It is an appropriate acknowledgement of Kubota’s Japanese engineering, its belief in the DPF (diesel particulate filter) system and improved regeneration technology.” The award will be presented to Kubota at the world’s largest construction exhibition, the upcoming bauma 2019 event in Munich, Germany. The V5009 will be featured at bauma as part of the largest and most comprehensive range to be displayed in Kubota’s history.

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