LaBounty MHP 350 pulverises with power and speed

Published 16/4, 2018 at 16:40

LaBounty has expanded its mobile hydraulic pulveriser line with the introduction of the MHP 350. Offering high power to weight performance, the MHP 350 is engineered for high efficiency secondary demolition and concrete recycling.

The all new design is optimised to pick up, crush, and separate rebar from concrete faster than ever before, with the combination of power and speed being due to high tip forces, a large jaw, and fast cycle times.

The new MHP 350 provides a large jaw opening to process the thickest concrete, and an optimised lower jaw angle to pick up slabs with ease. Four way indexable blades provide usable cutting edges, while a cylinder mounted speed valve delivers fast cycle times. Other features include a fully protected end cap for durability, bolt on replaceable lower plate for quick maintenance, and field replaceable swift lock teeth for significantly reduced downtime.

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