Launch of mobile ALLU-App at Intermat 2018

Published 3/7, 2018 at 12:27

Fast, precise and global communication with the equipment manufacturer is key for customers to get the very best out of their investment. In order to get closer to the customer, ALLU is proud to announce the launch of its own ALLU Mobile Application at Intermat.

ALLU announced the launch of its own mobile application which received its global launch at Intermat 2018. This mould breaking development is fully integrated with ALLU’s portal providing information, contact and advice on everything that is relevant to the serial number of the attachment in the customer’s possession.  

The ALLU Mobile Application provides an intelligent digital solution for customers and operators to obtain accurate and timely information regarding safe operations at jobsites, thereby maximizing the use of the ALLU equipment. The ‘App’ accomplishes this, whenever a mobile online service is available, through accessing information that is relevant to the serial number of the attachment. 

The ALLU Mobile Application provides instructions to guide the operator through safe working methods when using the ALLU attachment throughout the whole operating and ownership process. The ALLU-App also provides specific information about different jobsite applications, and how best to utilize the ALLU equipment. 


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