Liebherr L 576 XPower joins recycling specialist

Published 18/12, 2017 at 14:01

A new Liebherr L 576 XPower wheel loader has joined the German family run building materials recycling specialist Hans Dömkes for feeding waste material into a crusher and loading trucks.

“Our new L 576 XPower moves around 1,500t/day. Despite the particularly harsh operating conditions, it uses just 15.5litres/h of operation,” said managing director Udo Dömkes. “Reliability is our top priority because our wheel loaders work between ten and twelve hours a day. We’re very happy with our older L 576 model, which already has about 6,000h on the clock. That’s why we opted for Liebherr again when it came to new purchase.” 

Liebherr has improved stability by redesigning multiple assemblies when developing the XPower wheel loaders. Even more powerful axles and reliable core components, such as the reinforced lift arm, ensure the XPower wheel loaders are of a consistently high standard. The XPower drive combines hydrostatic and mechanical drive and the power-split transmission operates variably. It continuously and automatically adjusts the ratio to which the two drive paths are used. In this way, the wheel loader always operates with maximum performance and efficiency, regardless of the application. “We've tested a number of manufacturers. Liebherr impressed us the most with the new XPower concept and have already ordered another L 566 XPower wheel loader,” said Dömkes.


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