Light, efficient and flexible

Published 27/12, 2018 at 10:45

Prinroth, well known for its crawler carriers, also manufactures a wide range of mulching equipment, developing expertise in agriculture and forest management, with the company having recently introduced its latest mulching head model, the M450.

This has been developed for a range of carrier vehicles ranging from 80-150HP, and a volume flow of between 100-200l/min, meaning that the M450s is a compact and powerful head for a diversity of mulching applications. With its ‘plug and mulch’ feature, the M450s is easily fitted on any skid steer loader make and model. Hydraulic hoses with standard fittings are included in the package, with the M450 also being equipped for safe operation purposes with anti-slip stripes on the top of the housing, and with two steps for a safe access to the carrier.

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