Major developments for Indeco

Published 24/6, 2016 at 11:40

Indeco launched a series of developments across most of the product range at Bauma. Focus was on a boost to productivity and reliability, the hallmarks of the Indeco product range. This has been achieved by further enhancements, as well as by broadening the range.

New fuel saving system on breakers

Indeco has upgraded the hydraulic system on their breakers, so the HP series now has fuel saving. Compared to other manufacturers’ models of equivalent weight and performance, Indeco breakers require less oil/min and lower operating pressure. This reduces the engine speed of the carrier, leading to fuel savings of up to 20%. This advantage is even more clear when comparing the Indeco breaker competitors’ with gas or gas/oil powered products of similar size. All new breakers in the Indeco HP range will be displaying the FS badge. All of the silent demolition and material handling products have been given the same rotation mechanism, which will now be used on all rotating products.


IMP multiprocessor

The new Indeco IMP multiprocessor has been redesigned, given a more robust body, and its maximum jaw opening has been further increased, while its demolition, pulverizing and cutting geometries on the various jaws have been improved.

The jaws have been updated to make it easier to dismantle and replace and now offer better grip. Its pulverizer version now has interchangeable teeth. The shear version now has all the features of the ISS Series Indeco shear, such as reversible and interchangeable cutters, and a dual-profile piercing system. The range has also been modified and extended.


Pulverizers with interchangeable teeth

The IFP fixed and IRP rotating pulverizers, as well as a few improvements to make them more robust, have interchangeable teeth on the mobile jaw for optimum penetration of the material being demolished.


The new IMG grabs

The new IMG grabs have evolved from the previous IDG demolition grabs. On a single housing, using the same hydraulic circuit for opening/closing and for rotation, the new IMG grabs are now made in five different versions for five different specific jobs in various sectors.

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