Mantovanibenne celebrates anniversaries at Intermat

Published 16/4, 2018 at 16:43

2018 is going to be a very special year for the MBI Group, with a double anniversary being marked at Intermat in Paris. Here the company will celebrate its 55th birthday and the 20th anniversary of its French affiliate, MBI France.

The common theme in MBI’s history has been the desire to innovate and continually improve. Since the 1970s, the company has brought something new to the attachment market, such as its clamshell buckets or orange peel grabs, with the decisive moment in the group’s development being the 1991 launch of an entire line of demolition attachments; something almost unknown at that time. Today, the intention is to continue to evolve working practices, pushing the company to develop new ideas, turning them into real solutions in order to satisfy market needs.

Continuing this ethos, Intermat will see the company introduce its new CC60R demolition cracker. This has been developed specifically for the demolition of large infrastructures where the external concrete structure incorporates a resilient metallic frame. Weighing 6.5t, it combines the physiognomy of a concrete crusher with some of the features of scrap shears, making it ideal for the demolition of heavily reinforced concrete structures or buildings, such as bridges and other infrastructures where a metal skeleton is present and protected with a concrete coating. 

The structure of the CC60R is asymmetrical, as its body is designed to host two different jaws. On one side, there is a single jaw equipped with an interchangeable tooth and a shaped cutter. This shape grants maximum penetration of concrete and precise cutting of metal, while interchangeable blades and tooth enable fast and easy maintenance. On the other side, a double jaw with two interchangeable teeth is located, with a very specific design for effective action on concrete, and the oblique positioning of metal parts to be cut. In addition, a guide on the main frame keeps the jaws in the correct alignment to ensure maximum crushing and cutting power in the long term. 

These features make the MBI CC60R very different from other combi cutters. Its double central pin system design creates a better geometry between the two cylinders and the jaws, increasing the force of the tool, and enables the delivery of higher crushing force, even at maximum jaw opening. 

Intermat will also see other innovations being presented, including developments for established MBI products. One such development is the RP-IT line of rotating pulverisers, which have had its efficacy and durability enhanced through the use of interchangeable parts. The MS line has also been improved with a new design including interchangeable parts to facilitate ease of maintenance. In addition, some new smaller models have been added due to the increasing market requirement for small tools for mini excavators and high reach applications. The SGR line has a new oleodynamic system providing the highest levels of efficiency and reliability. 

Given the very positive results experienced in 2017, the new product innovations ready for market, and the ones still in development, the MBI Group expects a great 2018, which will help celebrate the milestones in Mantovanibenne’s history at Intermat.


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