Massucco T: Knowledge of “noleggio” and contracting expertise

Published 10/7, 2017 at 14:30

Cuneo-based Massucco Group is Italy's biggest plant hire company servicing construction, demolition and recycling industries. With a fleet of 1,300 units available for rent, its capabilities are on par with Europe’s leading providers. However, there is more to the Group than just rental business. It also incorporates Massucco Costruzioni, which is a major demolition and recycling contractor in its own right. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

“Noleggio” means "rental service" in Italian. After 55 years in this business Massucco T has made quite a name for itself both inside and outside Italy. But it is the company’s activity as a specialist demolition contractor that deserves a place in the spotlight too. 


Big fish from a small pond 

Cuneo is a run-of-the-mill Italian town within an hour’s drive from Turin. The landscape seemed bleak or maybe it was just the weather that day with the overcast skies and drizzling rain that made it look so. As we drove by empty fields and low-rise buildings, a huge site suddenly opened up all strewn with excavators, mobile recyclers and material handlers. Admittedly, it was a jaw-dropping sight to see. I did not expect to come across such a concentration of heavy-duty machinery in a tranquil, almost parochial, place like this. Little did I know that it was just the first in a whole series of surprises I experienced that day. 


A true artisan  

Founded by Teresio Massucco (hence the letter "T" in its name) in 1971, Massucco T is a prime example of a traditional family-owned Italian company. Teresio grew up in a post-war Italy where most children did not have the luxury of getting a fancy education. No sooner secondary school was out, he had to start learning a trade just like everybody else. Teresio always had a knack and passion for machines, so he sought out a mechanic who taught him nuts and bolts of the profession. Selling agricultural equipment under the auspices of a local agrarian consortium was another invaluable formative experience, which would influence his modus operandi as a businessman for years to come. 


Massucco Group emerged 

Teresio’s company started out by executing state-funded construction projects such as road and aqueduct building and earth excavation. These jobs underpinned Massucco T’s growth throughout the 80s and 90s, resulting in the establishment of Massucco Costruzioni – a specialist contractor company in 1997. Two years later Massucco T Srl. – providing sales and rental services to domestic and international customers – was registered, which signalled the arrival of Massucco Group on the market. Back then Massucco T Srl. imported used machinery – mainly, forklifts and mini excavators of various brands - from France and Japan. The machines got reconditioned in house and resold or rented out to professional contractors. 


 A modern-thinking company   

With four rental depots in Italy, two in France and one in Tunisia, Massucco Group is well positioned to service its European and North African customers. However, its interests are not limited to these areas only; the Group actively seeks out commercial opportunities all over the world. Now in his seventies and officially a pensioner, Teresio Massucco is still intimately involved in the family business. But it is his children Paolo and Cristina – the Group’s CEO and COO respectively – that carry the brunt of administrative load nowadays. Both were still in their adolescence when they joined Massucco T as trainees while still doing their studies. Now they stand at the helm of a company with an average annual turnover of some 20 mln. euros. Unlike many Italian companies that still rely very much on personal connections, Massucco T is a modern-thinking company, which makes use of every available digital technology to reach its customers. It is an authorized distributor of Hitachi Construction Machinery of 10 years, whose efforts in making Hitachi one of the most popular construction brands in Italy is hard to overestimate. Five years ago it also became a representative of McCloskey International - one of the world’s leading suppliers of mobile crushing solutions. The company operates a recycling site near Cuneo where it processes tons of various construction materials on a daily basis.   


One-night demolition

Massucco Costruzioni - the Group’s contracting arm - is staffed by 25 professionals with a long-term track record in construction and demolition. Its 150-unit fleet boasting excavators, loaders and a full choice of attachments allows the Italian contractor to perform even the most complex demolition and material handling tasks. One of the most remarkable projects executed by Massucco Costruzioni in the summer of 2016 involved demolition of an overhead bridge on the A21 motorway, which runs from Turin to Brescia. A precondition to complete the job within one night to avoid traffic disruption on the motorway was the main challenge on the job. To solve it, Massucco specialists had to use a wide range of equipment including lighting towers. Demolition was done in three stages: first, the bridge’s central section was dismantled with the full closure of the lanes, then the northern and southern parts were taken down with only respective lanes being temporarily shut down. The company employed mini excavators equipped with hydraulic breakers to demolish the bridge’s sections and foundations. The resulting debris were collected and taken away for recycling. The bridge’s steel sections were craned away and transported to a designated area. The job was completed within one night to the predetermined specifications.

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