MB Crusher on the ski slopes

Published 15/11, 2017 at 17:13

MB Crusher has recently delivered a BF120.4 crusher bucket to a contractor in the Alta Badia ski resort area of Northern Italy.

The contractor specialises in the construction and maintenance of ski installations and also has considerable experience in the earthmoving sector.

The MB crusher bucket’s ease of transport and that it does not require a dedicated operator were the key factors which led to the contractor’s choice of equipment. Mountain regions are complex areas to reach with a traditional crusher, which not only requires special transport arrangements, but often cannot be physically transported in areas where crushing needs to be carried out without incurring huge costs.  It is equally impossible or extremely costly to transport the material downhill to be crushed.

Other strengths of the BF120.4 Series 4, which also apply to the whole MB crusher bucket range, are the low maintenance costs and the speed with which it can be put to work on-site, making it easier to crush even relatively small heaps of material.

With the fourth series of its BF120.4, MB has improved the crusher bucket, which has an operating weight of 4.8t and can equip with diggers with operating weights from 30t and over. MB Crusher has increased the production capacity of its BF120.4, which is now able to reach a maximum production of 53m3/h, with a load capacity of 1.3m3. The BF 120.4 S4 has been simplified and now has a new centralised lubrication system and lower maintenance costs.

New adjustment options have also been introduced that increase the range of sizes available from 15mm to 145 mm. The bucket has also been strengthened where needed resulting in greater durability and shock-resistance. 

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