MB Crusher upgrades screening bucket

Published 10/7, 2017 at 13:12

Designed to work with excavators from 9t to 20t, the MB-S14 screening bucket has been upgraded to the fourth series.

It weighs 1.1t and has a loading capacity of 1.1m3 and has baskets made of interchangeable modular panels, which are available with various sized holes. Optional attachments include a pulveriser kit, to demolish processed dusts and allow screening even in closed environments, and a steel separation kit, to screen and separate steel from demolition debris.

A German company with a demolition depot had been accumulating a mixture of tonnes of earth and debris and has been using an MB-S14 crusher screening bucket on a Liebherr 900 excavator to screen and separate the materials and clean up the storage area. 

Equipped with a panelled basket with 20mm x 20mm holes, the MB-S14 screening bucket allowed the company to manage the work area in just a few days. The soil was separated from the larger debris and bulkier pieces of material, and the resulting inert material was gathered in an orderly manner.

With the MB-S14 screening bucket, the customer obtained clean material for marketing and currently screens over 15t/day of material. A video is available at this link: http://www.mbcrusher.com/en/gb/communication/news/from-now-on-on-site-separation-will-cost-less

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